2021 Timeline of Remembrance Events

Below is an overview of the plans the City of Virginia Beach will be offering to commemorate the lives lost and forever changed by the May 31 tragedy. This year’s activities will look very similar to those offered in 2020 due to the ongoing COVID environment and Executive Order restrictions. The hope is that the offerings listed below will continue to meet people where they are on their healing journey and provide options for them to remember those we lost.

We know you may have questions regarding this years’ events; we invite you to visit our frequently asked question page.

Ceremonial Programming

Individual Activities

We know that for many, remembrance and reflection are a personal experience. We invite you to participate in any of the opportunities listed below to reflect and remember the day in your own way.

Points of Reflection Installations

Three points of reflection will be installed (weather permitting), Wednesday, May 26 through Wednesday, June 2: